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Acorn Controls BASyC

York Memorial Hospital | Harrisburg, PA

York Memorial Hospital

An engineer in Pennsylvania, a loyal user of Armstrong’s Brain and a fan of the new Powers Intellistation, was introduced to BASyC™ during his design of the York Memorial Hospital expansion. This hospital already had four “Brains” and was about the get a 5th, but more likely a Powers Intellistation. Despite our last-in-the-game status, the design engineer soon came to the realization that BASyC™ should not only be favored, but it justified his rejection of both Armstrong and Powers because, in his exact words, “BASyC™ is a superior solution”. He recognized the benefits of our open architecture and low-cost customization. He also told us “If offered, I won’t approve your competitor’s submittal because I’m excited to get a BASyC™ into one of my projects and make it my standard going forward.” He asked us to join him to present BASyC™ to the head of plumbing for York Memorial Hospital, a unit of Pinnacle Health. Upon presenting BASyC™ the facility engineer’s response to the design engineer was “This is the digital mixing solution I want going forward, proprietary solutions (aka all competing products) are now unacceptable”. The result: a $14,000 order and for a BASyC™ system with redundancy of capacity and automatic pump alternating controlled by BASyC™ to the user’s choice of time cycle (7, 30, 60 or 90 days) plus a manual pump alternation capability and automatic cycle “off” capability. The only competitor who can offers these features and benefits is, as of today, NO ONE. PLUS, his spec on the next three projects will have the same pump control requirements, once again blocking out all competitors.

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