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Acorn Controls BASyC

Aramark | Philadelphia, PA


Due to a mis-communication between the design engineer and mechanical contractor, an Aramark facility in Philadelphia installed an Acorn CSMV-3 Command Station instead of the digital mixing station wanted by the customer and engineer. After the CS was completely installed and operational, the contractor and Aramark realized the error. The contractor called Acorn, hoping a tear out/replacement would not be necessary since he would be absorbing the full cost. When told “ONLY because you installed Acorn’s mixing station, a low-cost upgrade (under $5,000 plus approx. 1 hour labor) is all that’s required” In other words, no tear out costs, no new rough-in labor/material costs, no loss of $7,000 for scrapping the existing system and no new system cost at $12,000, plus the extra cost of having to do all of this time-consuming work during off-hours. Needless to say, big points were scored with the contractor, engineer and Aramark. This is the first example of how the potential for every Command Station and SFMMV sold can be upgraded to Acorn BASyC™ at a much lower cost that any alternative option offers tremendous potential benefits.

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