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Acorn Controls Overview / Acorn Controls

Acorn Controls, a division of Acorn Engineering Company, offers the safest and most reliable line of showering and tempering valves available on the market today. This video offers an overview of the division and its products.


Acorn Valve Overview / Acorn Engineering Company

This video contains a quick overview of electronic and air activation valves.


How to Install the RSV16 / Acorn Controls

This video demonstrates how to set up the RSV 16 temperature / pressure balancing mixing valve for showers.


President/COO Tom Duddy Interview / Acorn Engineering Company

Tom Duddy, President/COO of Acorn Engineering Company, is interviewed in celebration of Acorn's 60th anniversary.


Replacement of Acorn's Air-Control™ Pushbutton / Acorn Engineering Company

See how to replace an Acorn Air-Control™ push button.


Safety Shower Survey | Acorn Safety

Acorn Safety's shower survey video offers a demonstration of emergency shower equipment testing. Regular testing of eye wash, face wash, drench shower and combination units is one of the requirements of ANSI standard Z358.1-2009, which sets minimum guidelines for suitable emergency shower equipment.