A Few Things You Should Know About Acorn Control Valves

by JRSBlogWriterFebruary 9, 2015
ACORN CONTROLS VALVES were brought to the market with these objectives: to satisfy our internal shower and tempering valve needs, e.g. Acorn ShowerWar... [More]

From the Tap: Vol 1, Issue 5 / New Corterra Shower Bases

by AdminOctober 28, 2013
“NEW” CORTERRA SHOWER BASES Introducing our “NEW” Corterra Shower Bases—they are attractive, lightweight, easier to hand... [More]

From the Tap: Vol 1, Issue 4 / Getting the Lead out of Your Brass

by AdminJuly 28, 2013
GETTING THE LEAD OUT OF YOUR BRASS Do you know that Acorn Engineering offers Brass Body Air Control Valves? We do, and in addition these valves are &l... [More]

From the Tap: Vol 1, Issue 3 / Whitehall BestCare Ligature Resistant Fixtures

by AdminMay 28, 2013
WHITEHALL® BEST-CARE™ LIGATURE RESISTANT FIXTURES Whitehall’s Best-Care products are designed to meet the unique application challenge... [More]

From the Tap: Vol 1, Issue 2 / Lead‐Free Hose & Supply Boxes

by AdminMarch 28, 2013
Do you know Acorn offers Stainless LEAD‐FREE Hose & Supply Boxes?   Lead‐free is becoming a nationwide requirement soon. In response to the C... [More]

From the Tap: Vol 1, Issue 1 / High Efficiency Urinals

by AdminJanuary 28, 2013