Making It Even Easier To Get The Parts You Need When You Need Them

by JRSBlogWriterMarch 13, 2015
There are times when you need a part or standard stock item, and you need it now. As fate would have it, your rep may not have that part or item in st... [More]

Taking Control of Water Usage

by JRSBlogWriterAugust 8, 2014
The rupture of a 90-year-old city water line caused 20 million gallons of water to go to waste and will result in millions of dollars in damage in dro... [More]

How To Properly Clean and Care For Stainless Steel Fixtures

by JRSBlogWriterJuly 21, 2014
The word “stainless” in stainless steel can be misleading. Stainless steel is better described as being corrosion resistant. What makes it... [More]

Helpful Features On Our Website You May Not Know About

by JRSBlogWriterJuly 16, 2014
You may have noticed we’ve recently updated our website. We didn’t just do this so it would be more appealing visually. The updates were m... [More]



Case Study: Custom Hand Wash Stations for Philadelphia Zoo

by JRSBlogWriterMarch 3, 2014
When you see the almost instant change from apprehension to joy on a child’s face when meeting a goat for the first time, you can immediately ap... [More]

MGI360 - Celebration, Camaraderie, Collaboration and Family

by JRSBlogWriterDecember 9, 2013
This past October we invited over 200 reps from around the world to come to California to celebrate Morris Group International 360 (MGI 360). The even... [More]

Acorn Engineering Celebrates 60 Years In Business

by ramsesJune 21, 2013
In the sixty years that Acorn Engineering has been in business they’ve had only three presidents. Tom Duddy is our third and current president, and he brings a unique perspective to the job.[More]