From the Tap: Vol 1, Issue 3 / Whitehall BestCare Ligature Resistant Fixtures

by AdminMay 28, 2013


Whitehall’s Best-Care products are designed to meet the unique application challenges of behavioral healthcare facilities seeking to maintain the balance between patient safety and security while minimizing ligature points and keeping functional and stylish designs for a safe and beautiful environment.

A study on inpatient suicide in The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) Hospitals found that hanging was the most common method of inpatient suicide (accounting for 43% of all inpatient suicides). The VA found that 50% of all suicides by hanging involve a ligature point below the head. It is important to identify areas below the head or even close to the floor that could be used as a ligature point. This is exactly why Whitehall’s Best-Care products have been designed to provide a safer environment for patients and their families.

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