From the Tap: Vol 1, Issue 4 / Getting the Lead out of Your Brass

by AdminJuly 28, 2013


Do you know that Acorn Engineering offers Brass Body Air Control Valves? We do, and in addition these valves are “Lead-Freeto meet all your requirements for CHSC 116875 California and Vermont laws and the new Federal Public Law 111-380 which goes into effect in January of 2014. This is a great way to get your local Architect and Engineer to specify and lock in Acorn, specifying valves for new installation or replacement. Currently none of our competitors (Bradley, I-CON, Metcraft or Willoughby) offer a Brass Body valve, mechanical, electronic or pneumatic, that can meet lead-free compliance.

The Brass Body valve can be used in conjunction with our pneumatic pushbutton, which requires less

than 5 lbs. of pressure for activation per ADA regulations, or even our Piezo electronic/sensor button. The valve can be ordered as direct acting non-metering or metering including flow rates for multiple fixtures.

Attached you will find our valve submittals offering the –BRS Brass Body Valves as an option. We will be moving forward to include this option on all of our Acorn submittals soon. Get the lead out and make Acorn your number one specified product!

Download the original newsletter here: Vol 1, Issue 4: Getting the Lead out of Your Brass