From the Tap: Vol 1, Issue 5 / New Corterra Shower Bases

by AdminOctober 28, 2013


Introducing our “NEW” Corterra Shower Bases—they are attractive, lightweight, easier to handle and install compared to Terrazzo and easy to maintain. These shower bases are constructed from recycled Solid Surface Corterra (a Polymer resin), which uses up to 40% recycled material that will contribute to LEED. They have a non-slip floor that will be available in standard White and optional Corterra colors (see our Corterra color Chart). The design offers a trough style drain in the rear with an inside caulk connection to a 2” pipe. There will be (5) configured, in stock sizes; custom sizes and colors are available upon request.

Download the original newsletter here: Vol 1, Issue 5: New Corterra Shower Bases