MGI360 - Celebration, Camaraderie, Collaboration and Family

by JRSBlogWriterDecember 9, 2013

From left to right - Bob Murdock, Don Morris, Tom DuddyThis past October we invited over 200 reps from around the world to come to California to celebrate Morris Group International 360 (MGI 360). The event recognized four Morris Group International divisions celebrating significant anniversaries.

MGI 360 included Murdock Manufacturing (160 years), Potter Roemer (75 years), Elmco Group (65 years) and of course, Acorn Engineering (60 years).

Tom Duddy, President and COO of Acorn Engineering said, “Our team went into MGI360 with a focus on celebrating the Anniversaries of the 4 Divisions – but also to showcase new leadership, new products, and an increased focus on ‘being easier’ to do business with and ‘the company of choice’ with our representatives partners. We know they have a choice every time they make a sales call, and we feel that our commitment to remain privately held with strong leadership in place and a continued focus on product development to enhance their earning opportunities will keep us growing profitably and in a strong position in the market.”

Plant TourBeing a privately held company means we answer to our customers, not to shareholders.

This commitment to our customers becomes evident in our modified products. We have the ability and the desire to work with our customers to make modifications when they become necessary.

Being part of the Morris Group International family of companies allows us to combine our different strengths to come up with a solution to a very particular problem.

Our reps often play a role in making that connection as they have direct contact with the customers and often know first when there is a need for a custom solution.

Reps visiting with us for the celebration got to see our manufacturing process for themselves during a plant tour. But it wasn’t just about seeing the products they recommend, being made. They also got to meet the employees who make and test those products.

Customer ServicePerhaps the highlight of the tour was a stop at customer service where reps, for the first time, got to meet the men and women they’ve talked to on the phone for years.

Our future is in our ability to constantly invent new products that our customers need--higher technological systems.

“If you’re not going to pop new products or keep up with your industry where are you going?” said Don Morris, President and CEO of Morris Group International.

One line that we are very excited about is our new line of thermostatic mixing valves for showers, tubs, lavatories, emergency wash/drench equipment and hot water distribution systems. This new line, Acorn Controls, will become available in the 1st quarter of 2014.

Plant TourWhen asked where the future of plumbing is heading, Tom Duddy said, “I’d like to see a more European influence in water conservation. Water will continue to be more scarce and expensive. It’s all about water efficiency.”

Care to share your vision of the future of plumbing? Head over to the Acorn Engineering Facebook page and let us know.