“Little Metal Messiah”: The Acorn® Thermostatic Control Valve

by JRSBlogWriterFebruary 19, 2014
Little Metal Messiah Acorn Thermostatic Control Valve

If you are anything like me, then you’ve had the unique opportunity (and conversely, the occasional displeasure) of having to share an apartment with roommates. And hey, it’s perfectly enjoyable and engaging to share a home (for me, more of a habitat) with an array of different people from diverse social and economic backgrounds, all trying in one way or another to make it in this odd and enticing world we live in. But one problem seems to always re-emerge with each new set of roommates: yes, that of the bathroom hierarchy.

dormatory style shower roomThe early bird gets the worm and, in this case, all of the hot water; leaving the rest of us to sleepily trudge into the shower only to turn the hot water valve all the way up to bathe in the final dregs of warm water. And then… someone flushes a toilet. Searing heat followed by mind-numbing cold. Many of us hug the wall. A few of the unlucky and unsuspecting souls even jump back and can take quite a painful slip or tumble. I’ve often wondered, while cursing under my breath waiting for the heat to come back, how can we solve this pointless predicament? A little research led me to the answer: Acorn® Thermostatic Control Valves.

A lot of big words? Perhaps. But consider this scenario: you step into the shower with your Acorn® TCV set to one temperature and allow your loved ones (or roommates) to relieve themselves in any and all toilets of the apartment, all while remaining under a constant comfortable flow of water at one succinct temperature. No longer will you be expected to hug the wall when you hear a toilet flush. No longer will your backside bare the scalding red marks of a vengeful showerhead. And for contractors, consider the swift decline of angry apartment residents and managers. For just a few pennies more, Acorn® will provide bliss, both in and out of the shower.

What exactly makes a TCV different than your standard pressure balance valve? Not only do Acorn® TCVs conserve water output, but outlet temperature changes are monitored alongside inlet pressure changes. If the cold water supply suddenly fails, the TCV’s built-in sensor will cease the flow of hot water to effectively protect the bather from a sudden downpour of scalding heat. What’s more is that Acorn® has listened to its customers’ complaints of high product cost by eliminating the need for both temperature control and pressure mechanisms by merging the two and installing them both within one TCV sensor. Fewer materials means cheaper manufacturing costs, a benefit that adds more cash into the wallet of the consumer. The Acorn® Thermostatic Control Valve isn’t just a beneficial option… it is the future of plumbing. Bathers rejoice! We have found our little metal messiah.

Written By Nick Holloway