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Option: Built-In Liquid Soap System

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Option: Built-In Liquid Soap System

Model Number:  BS
Specifying this option provides an integral soap tank, factory pre-piped, and installed within the shower system. The liquid soap is piped to dispensers. Acme Showers are furnished with one 6 qt. tank per 6 to 8 stations, and Meter-Trol dispensers at each station. Apex Showers, when specified for 2 or 3 stations, have a 2 qt. tank, and a single station model is furnished with a 1 qt. tank. Meter-Trol dispensers are supplied for each soap station. Classic and Capital Showers are provided with an approximate 1 gal. capacity tank. The exact size is affected by shower supply configuration.
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  • Product Type:  Option
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