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Snap-on Turns to Acorn Engineering Company for OEM Parts

Snap-on manufacturing area  at Acorn Engineering Co.

When Snap-on® Tools was looking for a new OEM manufacturer, they turned to Acorn Engineering Company® to provide a solution.The two companies first started working together approximately 4 years ago. Snap-on was looking for a manufacturer that could make the steel tubes that are used in their torque wrenches. An Acorn employee suggested that his contact at Snap-on consider Acorn® for their needs. Soon after, Acorn Engineering Company met with Snap-on to determine the companys needs and how Acorn;s capabilities could help them. Once Snap-on decided to work with Acorn, the two companies met frequently to calibrate Acorn processes with Snap-on needs.

Machinery used to produce tubes for Snap-on wrenches.

Acorn Engineering Company has been able to provide Snap-on the parts they need, using multiple processes and taking the part from start to finish, including fabrication, chrome plating, and polishing. In addition, Acorn stocks both raw material and finished product to ensure demand can be met. Acorn has also been able to ramp up production to respond to Snap-on need for more parts while maintaining the high quality standard that Snap-on requires.

Fabrication of Snap-on tools at Acorn.

Acorn has been very successful in meeting Snap-on demand for parts, and about a year ago, Acorn expanded their Snap-on manufacturing operation by manufacturing a second product for Snap-on a steel, powder-coated box used to store Snap-on Tools.

Parts are cleaned and inspected during every step of the process.

Acorn work for Snap-on Tools demonstrates the benefits that Acorn can offer OEM customers, including hassle-free production of needed parts, customization of the process to the customer specific needs, and flexibility in production and manufacturing capacity.