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Acorn Controls BASyC

Wilkes-Barre Regional High School | Wilkes-Barre, PA

Wilkes-Barre Regional High School

An engineer designing a new regional high school in Pennsylvania was intent on using digital mixing stations and arranged for an Acorn BASyC™ lunch and learn through our local representative, Martin and Smith.  After considering a Leonard “Nucleus” digital mixing solution, explained to him during Leonard’s earlier lunch and learn, he decided to write his specs around Acorn BASyC™ because of our many competitive advantages. As we aided in sizing his mixing valves and discussed various design options, he decided to forsake digital for conventional systems due to budgetary constraints.  But Acorn Controls remained his lead spec and in control of the order for three reasons:

  1. Acorn can provide a SINGLE Command Station with both master mixing (MV17) and emergency tempering (ET71) capability, including completely isolated return piping with accessories and a recirculation pump for each temperature zone.
  2. The cost-and-convenience advantages BASyC™ upgradability, providing the high school an easy option for converting to digital capability in the near future.
  3. Only Acorn offers the ability to cost-effectively digitize a dual temperature Command Station (see note #1), not just his seven additional MV17-only Command Stations. 

Acorn’s design of a combination master mixing/emergency tempering station is the first in the industry. So, even if we discount our many other design and performance advantages, this alone virtually ensures us an order for 8 Command Stations with no serious competitive challenge. Plus, it provides the opportunity for a significant BASyC™ upgrade order, again with no serious competitive challenge.

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