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Acorn Controls BASyC

Wilkes-Barre Regional High School | Wilkes-Barre, PA

Wilkes-Barre Regional High School

An engineer designing a new regional HS in PA needs 8 digital mixing stations. After attending a BASyC™ lunch and learn that followed within a week after a Leonard lunch and learn (remember they offer the “Nucleus” digital mixing solution) he decided to write the spec around Acorn BASyC™. It occurred to him that it would be a great benefit to digitize the emergency valve supplying multiple drench showers. Thanks to our experience with Novo Nordisk we said, “been there, done that”. But then he asked if we could build a SINGLE Command Station with both MV17 and ET71 valves, utilizing one BASyC™ control cabinet and BASyC’s™ TWO Zone capability, including two zone recirc pumps each controlled by BASYC™. Since we never say “no”, we now have a design that’s another first in the industry. A combination MV17 and ET71 digitally controlled mixing station. The order for 5 stations will be in the $50,000 price range and the competition is wishing they had something like BASyC™ to offer, rather than a “no bid”.

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