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Acorn Controls BASyC

Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital | Lake Forest, IL

Northwestern Medicine Lake Forrest Hospital

Just prior to BASyC™ being available for sale, the design for a major addition to Northwestern Medicine’s Lake Forrest Hospital included a competitor’s digital mixing station.  When Acorn’s local Rep, Derry Pardue, found out that the specified digital mixing station was “value-engineered” down to standard mixing valves due to the high cost of the former, Acorn Controls was given the opportunity to offer an alternative.  Rather than quote a mechanical mixing valve or system, the opportunity for a beta test site so close to our offices in Lake Bluff, IL was too good to pass up.  So, for less than the cost of any non-digital alternative, a BASyC™ solution was offered.  With it not only did the hospital get the digital solution they originally wanted within their budget, but far more in capability than the system originallyspecified. Plus, being able to reference this hospital as an installed site and a satisfied customer helped secure many other BASyC™ orders to come.

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