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Ligature-Resistant Products

Acorn Engineering Company and Whitehall Manufacturing design ligature-resistant products that are carefully fabricated to complement any surrounding environment.


Acorn's Ligature Resistant Products

Acorn’s Ligature Resistant Products

Acorn’s ligature resistant products are designed and manufactured to meet the unique application requirements faced by all correctional & institutional facilities with behavioral healthcare challenges. Request for quote or contact us below.

Acorn’s ligature-resistant products are more suitable for institutional & correctional facilities like prisons and detention centers, which require sturdy and vandal resistant stainless steel models. Whitehall, in contrast, manufactures its BestCare® ligature resistant products for healthcare & rehabilitation applications like hospitals and surgical centers. These applications require more aesthetically pleasing products to aid in the wellness of patients and promote ligature resistance through visually appealing design.

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Whitehall’s BestCare® Behavioral Healthcare Product Line

BestCare® Behavioral Healthcare Product Line

Whitehall Manufacturing’s BestCare® behavioral healthcare product line seeks to maintain the balance between patient safety and security within all behavioral healthcare applications. BestCare® restroom fixtures and accessories provide ligature resistant security with an aesthetic design that promotes a calm, healing environment.

50% Of All Suicides Result In Legal Claims

Behavioral healthcare is a term that is often used to convey mental health, encompassing all treatment of psychiatric illness and ligature related incidents. Acorn’s goal is to design, develop and manufacture ligature resistant plumbing products and accessories that are both technically sound and aesthetically pleasing.

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