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Master-Trol® Systems for New Construction

A new building is an investment and getting the right start in a new correctional facility is important. If you’re starting from the ground up, ensure that your facility is using water efficiently and preventing inmates from engaging in destructive behaviors, such as flooding cells and passing contraband through the plumbing system. Acorn can help with Electronic Water Management Systems like Master–Trol and Master–Trol Plus.

Master–Trol and Master–Trol Plus prevent inmates from flooding correctional facilities and discarding contraband. It can potentially reduce water usage by 68% or more. Take control of your facility’s plumbing system from the very beginning and contact us to find out more about installing a Master–Trol or Master–Trol Plus system in your facility.

  • Master–Trol
    master-trol combys electronic water management system

    Master-Trol is our basic system that allows you to control your plumbing system.

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  • Master–Trol Plus
    MTP-ceil electronic water management system

    Master–Trol Plus has several enhanced features that makes sizing, installing and operating your system even easier and more convenient.

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Side–by–Side Comparison of Master–Trol VS. Master–Trol Plus Features

FeaturesMaster–TrolMaster–Trol Plus
Change the timing on individual valves, pods or the entire facility in a matter of
Lockouts give the ability to automatically disable specific valves for a period of
Remotely enable or disable individual valves, pods or the entire facility in seconds. Great for shakedowns to prevent the flushing of
Remote operations allow maintenance staff to safely text and activate valves without having to enter the inmate’s
Standalone: Factory pre-programmed controllers can be adjusted with a handheld programmer.
Communicating System: Networked through the facility, allowing for remote operation from a computer.
Pneumatic buttons omit the need for electronic components on the cell side, allowing air-activated
Electronic touch
Repair parts are readily available and commonly stocked nationwide through several distribution
A new modular design gives you the option of utilizing a 4-, 8- or 12-port controller to fit your facility’s needs. blue-check
Protected from water spray in any direction, and also from common contaminants found in a chase (dust, dirt, etc.). blue-check
Maintenance staff has the ability to put a valve in maintenance mode from the chase side, disabling the activation button on the cell side. blue-check
In the event of facility power loss, the inmate will still have the ability to activate cold water on the fixture for drinking water. blue-check
The communicating system is available with a user-friendly graphical interface that allows for simpler navigation. blue-check
Graphical icons give visual status of each fixture throughout the facility. blue-check

Learn More About MASTER–TROL Electronic Water Management Systems

Contact us to get help designing your electronic water management systems!


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