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Master-Trol Plus Electronic Water Management System Offers Control, Easy Ordering

City of Industry, CA— July 20, 2017—Acorn Engineering Company® is introducing a Master-Trol® Plus system that offers increased control, navigation and maintenance in an easy-to-order package.

Acorn’s Master-Trol Electronic Water Management System has offered correctional facilities the ability to reduce flooding by controlling valve runtimes and enabling or disabling individual valves for over fifteen years.


With the introduction of the Master-Trol Plus system, correctional facilities will also be able to maximize control with a variety of new features, including a new controller that allows better sizing and expansion capabilities, the ability to see the valve status at the valve location, a graphical user interface designed for better touchscreen navigation, and a power fail bypass mode option that allows a facility to retain the ability to actuate valves in the event of a power outage.

Master-Trol Plus is available in easy-to-order packages for retrofit applications or as a system for new construction. For more information about our new Master-Trol Plus system, visit our website at

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