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New Penal-Ware Handicap Comby Series 1449/1449FA

The older models were deemed ADA-noncompliant because of an open area between the toilet side cabinet and adjacent side wall. We developed the 1449/1449FA Series to address this concern. The new models fully comply with ADA and Ontario Building Code (OBC) requirements.


We also implemented other beneficial features to the new comby models, including:

  • An extended cabinet adjacent to the side wall in order to maintain required 1-1/2” gap between comby cabinet and 1-1/2” grab bar
  • Grab bar is fully welded onto the cabinet, so there is no need to mount/install in the field
  • D-Shaped Bowl allows an optional ADA-compliant bubbler to be installed towards the front of the cabinet
  • Flush valve pushbutton actuator is located on lavy deck for ease of operation and accessibility
  • Stepped deck design eliminates warping due to welding and is easier to fabricate
  • Rear-mounted version has flush inlet located at back of unit. Flush valve can be mounted in chase side for ease of installation and accessibility
    • (-FA) “Front Access” version flush valve remains installed within comby cabinet
  • Fewer mounting point locations than 1435/1435FA models

We are excited for this model replacement as we maintain our efforts to comply with all codes and requirements.

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