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  • Learn about Acorn Fabricacion y Manufacturas (F&M), a Morris Group International?
  • F&M provides manufacturing capacity for many Acorn product lines and distribution for custom products. Discover all of our manufacturing capabilities from fabrication & assembly to custom patterns & polish.
  • We manufacture with only the highest quality specialty and raw materials including galvanized stainless steel, copper, aluminum, cast iron and solid surface Bioresin.


  • Read up on some of Acorn’s completed custom projects and our case studies on custom products and services.
  • Learn how Acorn’s team of engineers, project managers and manufacturing staff can create unique products essential for your application and facility.
  • Discover how Acorn satisfies multiple OEM needs for outside companies & customers, including hassle-free production of parts, customer specificity & customization and production flexibility.


  • Access Acorn Engineering Company’s Green Statement and discover what we are doing to remain eco-friendly while still manufacturing the toughest products on the market.
  • Watch the Team Stainless educational video and recognize the value of stainless steel, including its beauty, functionality and recyclability.
  • Discover our Enviro-Glaze® powder coating, a sophisticated and ecological color finish for most Acorn products.


  • Become familiar with Acorn Engineering Company’s three major domestic distribution centers located throughout North America.
  • Distribution centers located in Alabama, California and Mexico offer stocking and shipping of traditional Acorn products and are also equipped to ship custom products quickly and efficiently.

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  • To get started on your project today, simply fill out the Request for Quote Questionnaire.
  • Include the name of your company, product description and budget and our team of Acorn engineers will assist in bringing brands built to last to your project or facility.

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