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Option: (Hands-Free) Sensor Activated - Battery Powered
Option: (Hands-Free) Sensor Activated - Battery PoweredOption: (Hands-Free) Sensor Activated - Battery Powered

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Option: (Hands-Free) Sensor Activated - Battery Powered

Model Number:  SO-BAT
In addition to saving installation costs, this option is ideal for renovation projects where hands-free control is desired. Use of this option eliminates the requirement to provide electrical power and wiring for units with -SO Sensor Operated Control. Each sensor and solenoid valve is powered by a concealed battery pack with 6 AA batteries (batteries provided by the installer and not included). We recommend using Lithium or Alkaline batteries to power the sensor.

The -SO-BAT Sensor activates the solenoid valve whenever an object is detected in the range area. The sensor will keep the solenoid open, allowing water to flow until the object is removed from sensor range. If an object is positioned in a manner that it is under constant detection the sensor will turn the solenoid off after 30-90 seconds.
  • Do NOT expose batteries or equipment to high temperatures. 
  • Batteries discharge more quickly if used at low temperatures. 
  • Always replace a full set of batteries at the same time. Do NOT mix new batteries with partially used ones and do NOT mix batteries of different grades, brands or electrochemical systems. 
  • Store batteries in a cool, dry place and keep them away from any metal objects to avoid accidentally discharging the batteries.
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