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ADA Waterless Toilet Stool
ADA Waterless Toilet StoolADA Waterless Toilet StoolADA Waterless Toilet Stool

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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ADA Waterless Toilet Stool

Model Number:  2131
High Efficiency (Water Savings)ADA Complaint (when installed properly)CSA B45.4
Acorn provides this stainless steel Waterless Toilet typically found in restroom with no sewer system.
Product Function:
These toilets are recommended for comfort stations in wilderness areas, parks, camps, farms and similar locations where sewer systems are not available. Unit is designed for installation over vented pits. Design is vandal-resistant and permits easy replacement of similar existing units due to common floor opening. Waterless Toilet conforms to ADA, ANSI and UFAS requirements for accessibility and meets or exceeds structural requirements CSA B45.4-08. Compliance is subject to the interpretation and requirements of the local code authority.
Product Details
  • Brand:  Dura-Ware®
  • Material:  Stainless Steel
  • Mounting:  Floor Mount
  • Vandal Resistant:  Moderate
  • Park and Recreation Applications:  Yes
  • Product Type:  Toilet
  • Configurations Available:  On-Floor with Floor Waste Outlet (-3)
  • ADA Compliancy:  ADA Complaint (when installed properly)
  • High Efficiency (Water Use):  Waterless
  • Product Features:  Waterless
  • Waste Location:  Floor
  • Compliances:  CSA B45.4
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Option: Enviro-Glaze® Powder Coating[EG] - Option: Enviro-Glaze® Powder Coating

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Option: Enviro-Glaze® Powder Coating
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Click Enviro-Glaze's® colors below to view in detail!

Silver Sage Patina <br>EG-01

Quicksilver <br>EG-02

Autumn Bronze <br>EG-03

Yukon Brass <br>EG-04

River-Rock Granite <br>EG-05

Raindrop <br>EG-06

Onyx (black) <br>EG-07

Textured Onyx (black) <br>EG-08

Diamond White <br>EG-09

Snow White <br>EG-10

Pearl White <br>EG-11

Solar Flame <br>EG-12

Alpine Lake (blue) <br>EG-13

Firehouse Red <br>EG-15

Lunar Blue <br>EG-18

Matte Black <br>EG-22

Granite <br>EG-25

Matte White <br>EG-26

Textured Fairway Green <br>EG-27

Textured Firehouse Red <br>EG-28

Textured Alpine Lake <br>EG-29

Why use Enviro-Glaze®?

Acorn Engineering Company has developed a color coating system which will allow you to purchase durable stainless steel fixtures in designer colors. Enviro-Glaze® is a superior finish which gives you a colorful and functional alternative to a stainless steel finish.

What is Enviro-Glaze®?

Enviro-Glaze® is a smooth or textured hard coating that endures impact, will not bubble, and is chip-resistant. The coating is an electrostatically sprayed powder that is applied to the outsideof the stainless steel fixture, then cured at a temperature in excess of 400°F. Vigorous inspectionduring every step of the production process ensures that the finish on every fixture meets Acorn’s high quality standards.

How should Enviro-Glaze® be cleaned and maintained?

Acorn’s Enviro-Glaze® finish creates a beautiful surface that is easily cleaned, maintained andkept in a sanitary condition. A solution of warm water and mild soap is all that is necessary forcleaning the unit.*

* Long exposure to ultra-violet rays of the sun may cause chalking; however, should this occur, use of a mild furniture wax will remove residue and restore the original luster.