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TempFlow® Thermostatic Zone Valve
TempFlow® Thermostatic Zone ValveTempFlow® Thermostatic Zone ValveTempFlow® Thermostatic Zone Valve

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TempFlow® Thermostatic Zone Valve

Model Number:  TZV Series
Acorn Controls' TempFlow® thermostatic zone valve shall have a solid brass body with corrosion-resistant internal components. It shall include an integral check valve and strainer to prevent backflow and filter debris from entering the valve. Zone temperature adjustment shall be from 100°F to 160°F (38°C to 71°C) and is made using an Allen wrench and a locknut on the bonnet prevents unauthorized or accidental temperature adjustment. Valve shall proportionally modulate to maintain zone temperatures based on heat loss and shall stabilize pump demand to prevent cycling. The TZV modulates its Cv from a maximum of 0.7 to a minimum of 0.2 with a 10°F (5.6°C) change in zone temperature. The valve shall not have positive shut-off thereby preventing pump dead-heading and/or subsequent overheating.
Product Function:
The TempFlow® is a thermostatically controlled zone balancing valve which automatically maintains the domestic hot water loop/zone temperature. By simply installing the valve after the last hot water device in each loop, it will self-adjust and balance the recirculated flow and heat loss of each TZV controlled zone. This ensures fast and consistent delivery of hot water to all fixtures all the time.

Regularly Furnished:

Thermostatic Zone Valve with Cap on Cold Water Port

Thermostatic Zone Valve with Three Ball Valve Shut-Offs, Inlet Temperature Gauge and Pipe Union

  • Eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly setup balancing and frequent rebalancing required by Circuit Setters
  • Lead-Free certified DZR brass body with corrosion resistant and lead-free internal components.
  • Includes a test port which can also serve as a bleed valve during setup.
  • Integral and cartridge-style check with accessiblescreens to prevent backflow and to filter debris from entering the valve.
  • The TZV is field adjustable from 100° to 160°F. (38° to 71°C) Replacement is not required if the target temperature changes.
  • An Allen wrench/locknut helps prevent unauthorized setpoint adjustment.
  • Commercial quality paraffin actuator provides repeatable, reliable performance.
  • Factory set to 110°F (43°C).
  • Enables/Promotes less expensive pumps.
  • Reduces installation and maintenance costs.
  • Reduces pipe/fitting erosion by minimizing fluid velocities.

Product Details
  • Brand:  Acorn Controls™ , TempFlow®
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