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Rear Mount Urinal Screen

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Rear Mount Urinal Screen

Model Number:  1724
Product Details
  • Brand:  Penal-Ware®
  • Material:  Stainless Steel
  • Mounting:  Rear Mount (Chase)
  • Vandal Resistant:  High
  • Institutional Applications:  Correctional
  • Park and Recreation Applications:  Yes
  • Product Type:  Urinal Screen
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Option: Enviro-Glaze® Powder Coating[EG] - Option: Enviro-Glaze® Powder Coating

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Option: Enviro-Glaze® Powder Coating
Option: Enviro-Glaze® Powder Coating$0.00Quantity: 1


Click Enviro-Glaze's® colors below to view in detail!

Silver Sage Patina <br>EG-01

Quicksilver <br>EG-02

Autumn Bronze <br>EG-03

Yukon Brass <br>EG-04

River-Rock Granite <br>EG-05

Raindrop <br>EG-06

Onyx (black) <br>EG-07

Textured Onyx (black) <br>EG-08

Diamond White <br>EG-09

Snow White <br>EG-10

Pearl White <br>EG-11

Solar Flame <br>EG-12

Alpine Lake (blue) <br>EG-13

Firehouse Red <br>EG-15

Lunar Blue <br>EG-18

Matte Black <br>EG-22

Granite <br>EG-25

Matte White <br>EG-26

Textured Fairway Green <br>EG-27

Textured Firehouse Red <br>EG-28

Textured Alpine Lake <br>EG-29

Why use Enviro-Glaze®?

Acorn Engineering Company has developed a color coating system which will allow you to purchase durable stainless steel fixtures in designer colors. Enviro-Glaze® is a superior finish which gives you a colorful and functional alternative to a stainless steel finish.

What is Enviro-Glaze®?

Enviro-Glaze® is a smooth or textured hard coating that endures impact, will not bubble, and is chip-resistant. The coating is an electrostatically sprayed powder that is applied to the outsideof the stainless steel fixture, then cured at a temperature in excess of 400°F. Vigorous inspectionduring every step of the production process ensures that the finish on every fixture meets Acorn’s high quality standards.

How should Enviro-Glaze® be cleaned and maintained?

Acorn’s Enviro-Glaze® finish creates a beautiful surface that is easily cleaned, maintained andkept in a sanitary condition. A solution of warm water and mild soap is all that is necessary forcleaning the unit.*

* Long exposure to ultra-violet rays of the sun may cause chalking; however, should this occur, use of a mild furniture wax will remove residue and restore the original luster.

Option: Wall Sleeve[SW] - Option: Wall Sleeve

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Option: Wall Sleeve
Option: Wall Sleeve$0.00Quantity: 1

This galvanized steel sleeve provides an opening in the wall for fixture mounting and becomes an integral part of the wall. The sleeve is typical useful in a rear mount/chase application.