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Stainless Steel Square Pylon Shower
Stainless Steel Square Pylon ShowerStainless Steel Square Pylon Shower

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Stainless Steel Square Pylon Shower

Model Number:  900 Series
Pylon shall be 14 gage, type 304 stainless steel with a satin finish. Pylon shall be factory pre-piped and hydrostatically tested to 150 PSI. Anchor base shall be heavy steel plate with a rust preventative coating. Shower head discharge height shall be (specify).

Regularly Furnished:

Shower Heads are solid brass, triple chrome-plated and include a 2.2 GPM flow restrictor. The Acorn Logan Wizard Shower Head design provides self-cleaning with every use, and has an adjustable spray pattern from a coarse stream to a fine mist.

Product Details
  • Brand:  Shower-Ware®
  • Material:  Stainless Steel
  • Multi-Stations:  1 , 2 , 3 , 4
  • Vandal Resistant:  Moderate
  • Institutional Applications:  Correctional , Educational Building , Hospital & Treatment Center , Train station & Airport , Other Institutional Buildings
  • Commercial Applications:  Stadium & Arena , Health Club
  • Park and Recreation Applications:  Yes
  • Product Type:  Shower
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NameDescriptionFile Size
Submittal 910 thru 949 ShowerSquare Pylon Shower - One Station, Two Station, Three Station, Four Station (900 Series)499 KBDownload
NameDescriptionFile Size
Parts Assembly 9955-000-003Valves: Air-Control™ Metering Servomotor AssemblyN/AView
Parts Assembly 9956-040-003Stops: Plastic Air-Control™ Check Stop AssemblyN/AView
Parts Assembly 9957-300-001Trims: Air-Trol/Master-Trol Push Button AssemblyN/AView
Parts Assembly 9970-050-005Shower Heads - Nozzle Options: Multi-Stream Shower Head w/ Universal Ball Joint74 KBView
Parts Assembly 9970-055-001Shower-Ware Multi-Stream Head with Universal Ball Joint Suffix -BA-MSH-Y70 KBView
Parts Assembly 9970-101-004Shower Heads: Shower Nozzle Assembly - Rigid HeadN/AView
Parts Assembly 9970-125-003Shower Heads: Flanged Shower Head w/ Anchor PlateN/AView
Parts Assembly 9975-000-001Shower-Ware - Cartridges: Concealed Flo-Cloz CartridgeN/AView
Parts Assembly 9975-090-001Shower-Ware - Valves: Single Temp Air-Trol Valve Body AssemblyN/AView
NameDescriptionFile Size
Installing 900 Series Shower154 KBView


Option: Enviro-Glaze® Powder Coating[EG] - Option: Enviro-Glaze® Powder Coating

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Option: Enviro-Glaze® Powder Coating
Option: Enviro-Glaze® Powder Coating$0.00Quantity: 1

Selection of this option provides a durable, chip resistant color coat finish to the exterior of the fixture. See the Color Selection Sheet for standard colors; custom colors may be specified