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Option: 1/2 inch Scald Protection Valve
Option: 1/2 inch Scald Protection ValveOption: 1/2 inch Scald Protection ValveOption: 1/2 inch Scald Protection Valve

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Option: 1/2 inch Scald Protection Valve

Model Number:  S0000-SPV

As an option available for eye-face washes (or eye washes), the 1/2 inch Scald Protection Valve will initiate flow when the thermostatic actuator senses a temperature of 98°F (36.7°C). It is typically piped to a drain and thereby purges the unsafe water and brings fresh/safe water to the valve/fixture. The valve will remain open (fully open at 105°F (40.6°C)) until it senses a safe temperature of 95°F or less at which point it will automatically close (resetting itself).

Regularly Furnished:
NPT Size: 0.5 inch
Diameter: 1.3 inch (33 mm)
Length: 4.5 inch (114 mm)
Weight: 0.9 lb (0.4 kg)
Maximum Operating Pressure: 200 PSIG (13.8 BAR)
Maximum Temperature: 300° F (149° C)
Product Details
  • Brand:  Acorn Safety®
  • Product Type:  Option Drench Equipment
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NameDescriptionFile Size
Submittal S0000-SPV, Scald Protection ValveSubmittal S0000-SPV, Scald Protection Valve1062 KBDownload
NameDescriptionFile Size
Manual Option -FPV and -SPV for Eye-Wash (pdf) Manual for Freeze Proof Valve (Option -FPV) and Scald Proof Vavle (Option -SPV) on Emergency Equiptment; includes part breakdown579 KBView