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Acorn Controls BASyC

The Stewart Hotel | Phoenix, AZ

The Stewart Hotel - Image Coming Soon

The new Stewart Hotel in Phoenix AZ was designed around the Powers Intellistation. Our Rep, Elmco Sales introduced the contractor to BASyC during the bidding stage. He then convinced the wholesaler and contractor to submit a substitution request for our BASyC. The Rep and Dennis Dehaan met with the engineer, Energy Systems Design, the facility owner’s representative and the architects on the project. They were able answer all questions pertaining to BASYC™’s ability to equal and, more critically, exceed what the Powers unit can do. The owner’s representative and architects were in agreement that BASyC™ is the superior product. The engineer agreed and currently the domestic LTHW system at The Stewart Hotel in Phoenix is now under the control of three BASyC systems, a $30,000.00 win for Acorn Controls and a $3,600 commission for Elmco Sales.

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