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Acorn Controls BASyC

Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals | Raleigh, NC

5 systems for emergency showers  

Novo Nordisk

The design engineer for a large pharmaceutical company in North Carolina, Novo Nordisk, identified the need for 6 digitally controlled EMERGENCY mixing stations based on a meeting with Acorn’s local Rep, Heat Transfer Sales.  The meeting focused on emergency tempering, Command Stations, Command Solutions and Acorn BASyC™, highlighting BASyC™’s ability to control and monitor both master mixing AND emergency tempering valves.  As a result, the design engineer specified an ET71-based BASyC™ mixing station and notified the rep he “will accept no alternative” as he wants the capability only Acorn BASyC™ can provide, effectively making this a “sole source” opportunity.   Every competitor is limited by a design that would make it difficult, if not extremely expensive, to supply a digital solution for emergency tempering.  As a result, Acorn received a large order and a great reference for Acorn’s ability to provide digitally controlled emergency mixing stations, another one of many industry firsts for Acorn Controls.

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